Move fast and safely

The bicycle is an excellent means of transport, which allows us to move fast and safely. When we follow guidelines and take precautions, we can enjoy the convenience and freedom of cycling. Let's offer some tips on how to cycle fast and safely.

  • Wear protective gear: Always wear a helmet to protect your head. Also, wear protective gear for your hands, knees and elbows to avoid any injuries in case you fall off the bike.

  • Choose a safe route: Prefer bike lanes or quiet slopes for your transportation. Be careful of the other vehicles and comply with traffic rules.

  • Good visibility: Make sure your bike has front and rear lights and they work well. You should also wear, reflectors to be visible to other drivers.

  • Follow the rules: Comply with the road traffic rules, like stopping at a red lights and traffic signs. Look out for pedestrians and always give way to them.

  • Bike maintenance: Check your bike regularly to make sure it's works properly. Check the brakes, tyres and the gear system.

  • Cycle cautiously: Keep your hands on the steering wheel and your eyes on the road. Avoid using mobile phones or other devices while cycling.

By following these tips, you can enjoy the flexibility, speed and well-being that cycling offers, while at the same time you remain safe on the road.

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