Ενοικίαση Ποδηλάτου

Rent an electric or regular bike

A walk around Ioannina admiring the sights is the best way to discover the city places. It's an exciting first look at the city with impressive monuments and secret corners that visitors usually miss. Rent a bike in Ioannina and discover what the city can offer you. Explore Ioannina in the fastest, easiest and funniest way.

Ενοικίαση Ποδηλάτου

Daily theme guided tours

Explore the city, joining the organized cycling tours we have planned. Ride around its monuments, mingle with the people in the parks and squares, feel the vibrant atmosphere of the city, while you are getting around on your comfortable electric bike, listening to the stories of the cyclist-guide. Thanks to the bike, access to the scattered city landmarks becomes easy, fast and fun. The cyclist-guide will accompany you in narrow streets and unknown corners and will tell you the stories that “built” one of the most beautiful cities in Greece. Enjoy it with an electric bike.

Ενοικίαση Ποδηλάτου

Planning Cycling route services

All the recommended tours are recreational and have been planned for all cycling skill levels, but if you wish, we can plan together a special tour for you and your friends. We suggest the more suitable tour to everyone renting a bike, with or without a guide. Tours for "lone riders", for couples, families with children, small or big groups. Let us plan the ideal tour, especially for you, depending on your wishes, needs or requests.

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