Leave your car at home and commute by bike

Nowadays, that traffic and pollution are increasing at alarming rates, it is about time we consider alternative transportation modes. One of the best ways to reduce our dependence on cars is to choose to commute on a bicycle. Whether it is for short distances within the city or longer routes, a bicycle can be a cosy, green and inexpensive choice.

One of the great advantages of cycling around is the workout it provides. Cycling is a great exercise and helps to improve our fitness. Daily cycling can contribute to strengthening our immunity system, reducing stress and improving stamina. Instead of spending hours stuck in traffic, we can utilize our time in order to exercise and improve our health.

Moreover, commuting by bicycle is environmentally friendly. Travelling by car contributes to increasing air pollution and greenhouse gases. On the contrary, a bicycle does not require fuel and does not produce fumes. By using bicycles, we can contribute to reducing pollution and protect our environment for future generations.

In addition, commuting by bike is economical. The price of buying a bicycle is much smaller than the cost of a car. No fuels or maintenance are required and the expense for storing and parking is very small. By reducing the transportation expenses, we can save money that can be used for other purposes.

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